Iconic Portraits for Significant Times

We believe there are certain times in a family's history where it is important to create a significant portrait for prominent display in the home

When Each Child is 3-5 Years Old

Many of our clients visit us when each child is between 3-5 years old to create an heirloom portrait that captures the innocence and details of their young spirit.

While the style of the piece may vary, timeless and classic is a must.

When Your Family is Complete

When the children are between 6-11 years old, it is time for J.Ridout to create your family portrait. Whether created in the studio or outdoors, this portrait should be prominently displayed in a common area for everyone to see and enjoy.

This important portrait will send a message to your children: "I belong to a family that loves me."

When Each Child is 10 Years Old

An important milestone that reflects on a decade of memories and looks forward to the next. At 10 years old, this is their last little girl or boy portrait. Their little features will soon change and they will begin to look more like tweens. Schedule this one as close to their 10th birthday as possible... one morning you'll wake up and realize they are no longer little

When Each Child is 12-14 Years Old

The pre-teen/early-teen years are perhaps the most transformative a child will ever experience.

Their bodies and faces are changing, yet all too often life becomes "busy" and we fail to capture this all all-important time for our children.

(This time is especially poignant at J.Ridout as our children are passing through this zone now.)​

When Your Oldest is a High School Senior

It's not too far away now... your home will start to empty. We consider this to be the most important portrait you can make of your family. If you missed all the others, don't miss this one! You will want to make this one before they start families of their own. The message: "What this home has produced!"

For your children, this portrait serves a constant beacon that they will always be welcome here.​

Oh The Memories!

They call or visit from time to time, but your most prized possessions live on the walls of your home – the cherished memories of their childhood. There are still plenty of life events worthy of portraiture:


When was the last time just you and your spouse sat for a portrait together? Don't forget extended family portraits as the family continues to grow. It might soon be time for a formal Bridal portrait. Perhaps this is the time to help your grown children begin to create portraits for their own children (and we'll make sure you get a copy, too)

My heart is to help enrich the lives of the families we work with by creating iconic portraits that will have an enduring impact, strengthen family bonds, and bring joy to all who view them.

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