The Equestrians

A Portrait Series

by J.Ridout

Portrayed in formal show attire at their very best, this heirloom portrait series celebrates the riders who devote so much of themselves to the sport THey Love

As parents, we don't often feel how quickly time moves until we realize that our children have already changed forever

The Equestrian Series helps us to mark this time with heirloom quality portrait art designed to provide enduring impact and bring joy to your entire family

“Confidence, elegance and beauty- all captured in a single moment. MK felt so special and beautiful; and my husband can't stop talking about it!”

Always Remember

The life of a young equestrian translates into long hours at the barn and on the road. Through it all, there exists a beauty in your young rider that is often overlooked. These precious details, if not captured, will only fade with age and time.


As a parent of an equestrian, you want to make an impact on your child's life. While you know you are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. Still, it's all too easy to let life pass without recording those memories.


Unless we are intentional, the memories we create now will fade with time.

celebrate your Equestrian

Amidst the training, the long days, the competition and 'hustle & bustle' of everyday life, we sometimes forget to show our children exactly how we feel.

Displayed in your home, this portrait will always remind your child that they BELONG to a family that LOVES them.

Your young equestrian will feel beautiful, special and loved with a portrait experience like no other.

Because the Equestrian Series uniquely captures their character and beauty, helps you remember the wonderful things about your child that make your heart sing with JOY, it will become a valued family HEIRLOOM, artfully displayed in your home for everyone to enjoy, day after day.

Request Your Portrait Sitting

Reserve your equestrian's 45 minute Portrait sitting today.

we only hold equestrian sittings a few times a year and space is limited. Upcoming dates fill up fast.

Please complete the form and we will reach out with details about upcoming sitting dates and to answer any questions.


No Horse?

The formal setting of our studio is befitting of the sport and for creating portraits that are worthy of prominent display in your home. We've heard from so many clients that while stable or competition pictures are great, they love the Equestrian Series because it showcases the rider in a way that no other picture ever could.

- Their hair is done.
- Girls usually wear makeup (often times for the first time ever).
- Their clothes are clean and perfect.

We love to create portraits on location of riders and their horses. It simply falls outside of "The Equestrian Series". If you would like a portrait made on location with your horse, please let us know and we will schedule a Consultation and design a custom portrait sitting for you.

How Long is the Equestrian Sitting?

We schedule Equestrian Sittings for 1 hour, but your equestrian will only be in front of the camera for part of that time. We'll have plenty of time to chat, change clothes and get ready, create amazing portraits, and then pack up and say goodbye's when we're finished.

What should we bring?

Proper clothing and gear is very important for this style of portrait. Please bring your formal show/jumper attire including:

Show Coat or Shadbelly
Show Shirt
Jodhpurs or Breeches
(please don't forget the Belt)
Dress or Field Tall Boots
Riding Helmet
Riding Gloves
any other items that are common and proper

Show Saddle & stand
Crop or Riding Whip

We may not use everything, but having everything available allows us to make your portrait as unique as your rider.

What is the fee?

There is no separate sitting fee for the Equestrian Series.

We simply ask for a $500 reservation deposit to hold your sitting appointment. This will be applied to your portrait order.

Properly-sized, hand-painted portraits begin at 2950. All curated art pieces in this series include a frame and are delivered ready to hang.

Truly, the most important thing is to capture your child before they grow and change even more. Have Jeremy photograph them now and pay for your artwork over time. Don't miss this moment. Painted portraits take 3-6 months to finish; payment plans are available.